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High filtration performance at high airflow rate: Save energy and expense with HAF

The innovative energy-saving technology of the 3M™ High Air Flow filter is based on an ingeniously simple principle. Instead of relying on fine-grained filtration areas that are as large as possible, 3M™ takes another path. A physical effect is used, namely, electrostatic attraction: dirt particles are bound to the HAF material – practically without slowing down the airflow – thus getting high filtration performance with significantly lower energy use.
Additional cost savings become possible with the longer intervals between changing filters. You therefore save material, working time and energy, and downtimes are minimized. The fact that the 3M™ High Air Flow filters are amazingly simple to operate is almost irrelevant.
Available in many standard sizes. Furthermore, the filters can be easily and neatly custom shaped to fit.
HAF Technology 3M™ High Air Flow


High performance filter with optimal airflow and extended durability.
Filter Technology 3M™ High Air Flow (HAF)