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Material Science

What does PMMA signify? Which plastic for which purpose? We provide the answers.



Extension of the machine park by a laser cutting system

13. November 2019

Mercury 609 Laser Cutting System

A Mercury 609 with an innovative cutting and engraving system for sheet and roll material expands our laser machine park: "Sealed off" laser source. Highest cutting quality and productivity by linear motor drives of newest technology in X- and Y-axis. The X-axis is double motorized. The servomotor-driven Z-axis is software-controlled and fully 3D-capable. Completely closed laser beam path. Compressed air flushed deflection mirrors, etc.

Four new apprenticeships at J. Schwarz GmbH

8. July 2019

The whole team of J. Schwarz GmbH is pleased about the four new trainees as of August 1, 2019 and wishes them a good start: Florian starts his apprenticeship as machine and equipment operator in the laser department, Batuhan as media technologist in print processing, Maurice as industrial business management assistant and Tim as Logistics Technician.

Doors open: Here comes "Die Maus".

5. July 2019

Türen auf für die Maus!

On 3 October 2019, children can experience factual stories live at the nationwide Door Opener Day: With the motto "Print your mouse - and take it home with you!", J. Schwarz GmbH offers children the opportunity to produce a display themselves: All steps are carried out by the children together with us - from mixing the ink, printing on a screen-printing machine to forming the plastic plate with a laser machine.

Five apprenticeships for the year 2019

29. August 2018

For the year 2019 we offer a total of 5 different apprenticeships. The team of J. Schwarz GmbH is looking forward to all applications! All information can be found on our german site job advertisements. We are also an exhibitor at the training place exchange STEPone: The next STEPone will take place on 14th and 15th September 2018 at the Innovation Center Fennel in Bad Oeynhausen.

3M ™ High Air Flow (HAF) filter technology no longer produced

20. June 2018

The manufacturer 3M already removed this material from the product range at the beginning of 2018. The J. Schwarz GmbH, as well as all other processors of the HAF material, can not reorder. For this reason, we can no longer accept orders for these filters.


18. May 2018

As J. Schwarz GmbH we look forward to the in-house transfer of know-how for our young business PINBALL UNIVERSE. Special protective films have been developed to preserve the value of the wooden playing fields and the range of ball shooting of current pinball machines. Even before, knowledge and technologies have successfully flowed into our new division. In particular, technical solutions for reducing and avoiding typical wear points in pinball machines should be emphasized. Some production parts additionally serve to increase the playability and joy of playing. A number of products have already been installed in large numbers in customer devices or sold individually for self-installation. The close cooperation with professional players from German pinball leagues and the exchange of experiences with the Pinball community ensure a high acceptance of these articles.

Large flatbed plotter adds to cutting technology

17. March 2014

Effective immediately, an ARISTOMAT high-speed cutter system (cutting plotter) is ready for operation at J. Schwarz. It adds to the range of services in the area of 2D shaping for still greater economy and product variety.

J. Schwarz creates three additional apprenticeships

1. March 2014

Three prospective industrial business management assistants will join our team starting 1 August 2014. We look forward to a successful collaboration!

J . Schwarz Folienverarbeitung GmbH becomes J. Schwarz GmbH

22. October 2013

The name change became necessary because J. Schwarz has been able to expand successfully its range of products, and the designation “Folienverarbeitung” [film processing] was no longer sufficient. This change is a “cosmetic” procedure in order better to expand our breadth of services and to be able to communicate better. The areas of responsibility of the managing director and partners as well as your contact person are completely unaffected by this.

Illuminated frame fabrication area expanded

24. July 2013

In order to keep up with the increasing production figures, we have relocated in-house the area of illuminated frame fabrication. The doubled working area in addition to the adjoining storage area is now available.

TÜV audit passed successfully

5. March 2013

There were no complaints or discrepanicies found during a rolling surveillance audit. We are delighted that we convinced the auditors with the quality of our work and take note of the positive aspects mentioned in the audit.

Installation of a 5-axis milling processing centre

10. January 2013

Effective immediately, a high-precision 3D milling unit with 5 working axes is available to J. Schwarz. The unit has an integrated position control system, 700 mm Z-axis for large-volume 3D milling parts and a maximum component size of 1000 mm x 2000 mm x 700 mm.

Introduction of “digital job tickets”

17. September 2012

All job-related data can be digitally retrieved directly at the work place effective immediately. Production tips can be added and are visible at every workstation.
This is another important step in the direction of lean management and effective defect reporting.

New milling processing centre

5. June 2012

Since mid-2012, a milling processing centre with a 3 x 2 m processing surface has enhanced J. Schwarz’s machinery resources, which now include four milling centres. The large format milling machines are especially suited for sheet processing, advertising technology, engraving and milling-out technology. They can be used for simple and complex processing and with very large panel dimensions.

Vehicle fleet expansion

2. April 2012

In the second quarter of 2012, there was growth in the forklift truck fleet: the “Linde H50” stacker, a diesel stacker with a lifting capacity of 5,000 kg. This high performance and robust stacker combines positive qualities such as cost effectiveness, safety and innovative technology. The Linde drive concept offers maximum precision and functions without gears, clutch and brakes.

Expansion of machine inventory

23. January 2012

At the beginning of 2011, J. Schwarz’s machine inventory was expanded by two additional laser cutting units for a total of six. Purchased were two units of the SEI Mercury 609, a high-end product known for its precision and efficiency. The SEI Mercury 609 is an innovative cutting and engraving system for panel and roll materials. It offers the highest cutting quality and productivity using linear motor drives with the latest technology in the X-, Y- and Z-axes. In addition, it is software-controlled, fully 3D-capable and has a completely enclosed laser beam path and redirecting mirrors that are cleaned with compressed air.

The new production hall is completed

4. January 2012

The newly erected production hall was put into operation at the beginning of 2012. This means an expansion of 1200 m2 to a total of 3250 m2 of production and storage area. Integrated into the production hall is the machine hall for milling as well as pre-cutting materials with direct connection to the warehouse and an expansion of the further processing area (e.g., commissionings, sub-assembly manufacturing, etc.).

New employees

2. January 2012

Starting 1 January 2012, Pascal Siebers joined the J. Schwarz sales team, in order to keep up with increasing demand. His focus will be in the area of filter media. The number of employees at J. Schwarz has consequently grown to 53 at present.