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Environmental Protection

J. Schwarz places great importance on recycling.


Further Processing


  • Products made of Plexiglas® or Makrolon® and provided with rear printing can be fitted with self-adhesive lamination.
  • For special applications, for which there is no suitable standard material, a new, optimal combination made from two or more product qualities (compounds or composite materials) can be achieved through lamination.
  • A digital print provided with a protective laminate lasts longer and is mechanically more resilient.

Component assembly

Example: housing with sealing frame, cable ducts and nameplate. Cover equipped with membrane keyboard, display disk and switches.

Adhesive technology

  • Metal parts
  • Sealing frames
  • Membrane keyboards
  • Display disks

Fixture construction

Customised planned fixtures enable a simple and clean processing. By using vacuum technology, custom-fit positioning and adhering, for example, of Plexiglas®, acrylic glass or Makrolon® is no longer a problem.
Single location solutions as well integration into exisiting plants can be implemented..