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The careful use of resources has always been on J. Schwarz’s agenda because we are aware that there is not an unlimited supply of raw materials. The latest server-based computing with Thin Clients (Green IT) ensures a minimal energy use for IT.
We rely on recycled solvents in the production process. After being used, these are recovered, prepared in turn at our in-house distillery and fed back into the production process.
The days of factory air heavy with chemicals are over. Thanks to a multi-stage system for cleaning machinery, the air we breathe remains as far as possible free of undesirable chemical compounds.
BONUS: All these measures don’t just protect the environment – they also pay off economically.
Environmental Protection


J. Schwarz has met the ISO standards DIN 9001 and DIN 14001 since 2005.
J. Schwarz: ISO standards DIN 9001 and DIN 14001