At J. Schwarz, enthusiasm for the latest technologies is combined with technical experience and professional fervour. Even the latest machines will only run at top performance when qualified specialists operate them. This applies to all our technical areas, from silk-screen printing, large-format digital printing and pad printing to shaping processes such as laser cutting, 3D milling technology and cold working. We offer a high level of vertical integration and a seamless process chain with the processing of the latest materials such as PMMA (Plexiglas®), polycarbonate (e.g., Makrolon®) and fibre composite materials, as well as classics such as wood and metal.

Moulded Parts

… e.g., laser cutting: contact-free cutting technology even for the smallest parts.



Für technische Kunststoffe (z. B. Acrylglas), in Plattenform oder volumig (3D-Fräsen).


3D Shaping

Warm working and cold working:
hot-wire bender and blade bending press