Milling Technology

High-precision shaping technology for the latest materials

Milling, the shaping process that is called in technical jargon “machining manufacturing technology”, makes possible the processing and shaping of a large number of very different materials, e.g., PMMA (acrylic glass, Plexiglas®),engineering plastics such as polycarbonate (e.g., Makrolon®), semi-crystalline thermoplastics such as POM, and fibre composites, as well as classics such as wood and metal.

Our machinery is ideally equipped for processing panel material and bulky objects. Four large ultra-modern portal milling centres and a high-precision 3D milling machine are available for this purpose. Data transfer from nearly all CAD programmes is easily possible for fast CNC further processing. Lot sizes starting with a single piece can be produced in an economically viable manner.