Ever since Bayer patented the polycarbonate Makrolon in 1953, this multifunctional plastic has been used in a great many fields. Makrolon can be found among other things in everyday objects like eyeglass lenses, films, medical equipment, sports helmets, auto headlights, water containers, solar modules, protective floor mats, panels for carports and greenhouses, as well as CDs and DVDs.
Worldwide, countless manufacturers of high-quality products trust the properties of Makrolon®. The range of new products and applications of the polycarbonate Markrolon® is thus constantly increasing.

Makrolon® equals quality

Users of the high-tech material Makrolon® do so because of this plastic's high quality and impressive properties, including light weight, resistance to breaking and splintering, weather, heat and cold resistance as well as transparency. Consequently, it meets the special demands of a wide variety of applications in widely differing fields. That is why many manufacturers also stamp their products with the Makrolon® logo.

Makrolon® – a material with a future

The Makrolon® label is a mark of the manufacturer's expertise in the form of a brand name known around the world. Makrolon® is continually finding new users in industry, commerce and with consumers. It is versatile and innovative.

Makrolon® at J. Schwarz

J. Schwarz likewise values the proven quality and excellent characteristics of Makrolon® . That is why Makrolon® is a component of many products manufactured by J. Schwarz. In the area of insulating films that are composed of polyester and the polycarbonate Makrolon®, its customised shaping, high stability and outstanding printability are particularly important. But Makrolon® also has impressive traits for sheet goods; it is thus used for protective covers, insulating plates, dividers and protective trays.


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