Polyamide (PA) and Sustamid®

Polyamides (PA) are organised into various types with different characteristics according to their physical properties. The main properties of the polyamides include high mechanical strength, stiffness, hardness and toughness, good fatigue strength, as well as a high vibration absorption capacity and good sliding and emergency operating features. In addition, they have very high wear resistance, good electrical insulation properties, a high level of resistance to high level radiation and good machinability.

Polyamid is a versatile construction material for new construction and for maintenance. Applications for polyamides include bearing bushings, thrust bearings, guide rails and wear strips, conveyor and guide rollers, tensioning and rope pulleys, bumpers, hammer heads, squeegees, toothed wheels and racks, chain sprockets, worm conveyors, washers, insulating parts and cutting boards.

Sustamid® is a partially crystallized thermoplastic, which comes in various types for different applications. Its properties include a high moisture absorption rate of up to 3% in normal climactic conditions, which leads to greater impact strength and very good noise and vibration absorption. Furthermore, Sustamid has good sliding capacity, high abrasion resistance, high mechanical strength with a high degree of toughness, very good machinability, as well as good adhesive properties and good weldability.

Parts made of Sustamid® are universally applicable and are especially suitable for heavy loads. They are often used as substitutes for aluminium or bronze. In machine construction, they are used for sliding parts, rollers and bushings, and in the food industry for sliding parts, star configuration conveyors and auger feed screws.

Sustamid® at J. Schwarz

At J. Schwarz, Sustamid® can be processed as a particularly suitable milling material for 3D milling with 3 & 5-axis machines that have a processing area of up to 4000 x 2000 mm. The maximum 5-axis cube shape is 2000 mm x 1000 mm x 600 mm. A total of six milling centres are available.

Polyamide (PA) and Sustamid®

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