Polyester films


is a transparent, flexible polyester film based on polyethylene terephthalate. This film appears milky or frosted with the increasing thickness of the material. Mylar's features are an outstanding resistance to moisture and common solvents. It can be used at temperatures from -70 °C to 150 °C. Since it doesn't contain any emollients, it does not become brittle with ageing under normal circumstances.

Hostaphan is a high-quality crystal clear film made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and is characterised by a high transparency and extremely minimal cloudiness. Excellent mechanical strength and a high degree of dimensional stability are additional positive features. Some applications of Hostaphan are overhead projections, printing and labels. Additional product advantages are its suitability for all customary printing processes (offset, flexographic, rotogravure and letterpress), its outstanding distortion-free optics and its good thermal stability. These polyester films are provided with bonding agents on one or both sides for water-soluble printing and coatings.


is a flexible white polyester film with matt surfaces. Its features are a relative temperature index of 140 °C and a mechanical RTI of 130 °C. In addition, it posses better ageing behaviour compared to standard polyester films, which contain a higher level of oligomer. Melinex is further valued for its high degree of puncture resistance, only minor changes in its dielectrical properties, special mechanical qualities, as well as good hydrolytic stability.

J. Schwarz can process engineering polyester films of various kinds. Lasing, punching, bending and warm and cold working are possible, as well as self-adhering finishes. Polyester films are typically used as insulating films, cable ducts, release films, paper guides and conductive and slip films.

Pre-printing treated polyester films (Autotype)

Autotype manufactures high-quality industrial polyester films such as Autotex. Autotex is a high-quality textured polyester film that consists of a polyester base and a flexible, chemically bonded UV-cured textured coating.


Autotex is suitable for the following application purposes: membrane keyboards, front panels, front covers, nameplates and labels. The product's advantages are a high degree of durability under mechanical stress, resistance to chemical and household cleaning agents, even at the edges of the material. Embossing and window printing are also possible. In addition, Autotex has scratch resistance, a unified textured surface and an attractive appearance.

At J. Schwarz, pre-printing treated polyester films can be lased, punched, embossed, finished with self-adhesives or printed, depending on requirements. Other applications include keyboard membranes, decorative films, control panel films and identification and instruction labels.

Polyester films

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