Makrofol® – thermoplastic films (made of Makrolon®)

Makrofol® is the brand name of the thermoplastic films that have been developed by Bayer. They consist of the polycarbonate Makrolon®.

One of the strong points of Makrofol® is its high heat resistance, which allows for a high degree of toughness and elasticity over a wide range of temperatures. In addition, Makrofol® offers stiffness, electrical insulating capacity and good electrical properties.

Makrofol® can be cold worked or warm worked and can be printed on with outstanding results using standard inks, for example in silkscreen and digital printing processes.

These thermoplastic films are available in transparent, translucent and opaque finishes. Various types of Makrofol® have been developed for different applications, which are described below.

Makrofol® DE

are transparent and translucent films that are especially suited for nameplates, machine panels and displays. When printed on, the outstanding graphic quality of the films is impressive. They are available in different surface finishes – high gloss on both sides, fine satin and textured.

Makrofol® ID

Due to its high mechanical and thermal resiliency, Makrofol® ID is very durable and is ideally suited as a special film for tickets and ID cards.

Makrofol® ID films can be inscribed in high-contrast and tamper-proof formats using laser engraving processes and can incorporate various security features such as chips and holograms.

Makrofol® BL

is a glare-free and scratch-resistant diffused light film for auto accessories such as dials and signal indicators, as well for use in the field of lighting. Makrofol® BL contains diffused light pigments that transform the light of point light sources into whole-surface illuminating light.

Makrofol® LT

is likewise a diffused light film, which achieves its effect by means of fine glass fibres. Because of the glass fibres, it is especially suited for diffused light applications for which high dimensional stability and strength is crucial.

Makrofol® FR

is a transparent film that meets the fire protection classification V-0 in accordance with UL 94 (Underwriter Laboratories). Possible applications are nameplates and flame-retardant walls for trade fair stands.

Makrofol® at J. Schwarz

At J. Schwarz, Makrofol® is especially used for producing films and stickers. Of vital importance is the excellent printability of Makrofol® in silkscreen and digital printing processes, as well as its versatile processing options.

Makrofol® – thermoplastic films (made of Makrolon®)

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