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Alternative: Silkscreen Printing

Classic silkscreening is worth considering for workpieces with flat surfaces.


Pad Printing

Printing in three dimensions

With pad printing, printing on bulky objects becomes possible. The images are rendered in the 4-colour grid system or in solid tones. A silicon stamp transfers the colour to the object.

Pad printing processes at J. Schwarz: Facts

  • Images feasible with very fine line width
  • Corona pretreatment for optimal ink adhesion
  • 4-colour grid processing
  • Quick-drying ink transfer for high workpiece flow-rate
  • Printing on curved surfaces possible (convex, concave or irregular)
  • Printing of promotional items such as lighters, pens, tableware etc.
  • Printing of system parts, e.g., in the auto industry (turn signal or windshield wiper levers)