Silk Screen Printing

Industrial and graphic silkscreen printing on 8 silkscreen machines

With the ultimate in printing technology, almost all materials can be printed in one or more colours. The brilliant colour quality of this classic process is at its best with richly applied solid tones. Yet nuances are also perfectly managed using modern silkscreen technology. Even photo images can be impressively rendered using the 4-colour grid system.

Silkscreen printing at J. Schwarz: Facts

Get everything from a single source: materials, complete pre-press operations, production and delivery

  • Direct printing on bulky objects
  • Excellent weather resistance – thus outstanding performance for outdoor applications
  • Especially brilliant colours and lush ink application. Eye-catching colours and neon tones are possible.
  • A variety of materials: plastics (solid or as film), rubber, metal, glass, wood, and many more