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Alternative: Milling Technology

Plastic moulded pieces, system components, dispenser fronts and lenses


Punching Technology: Machines & Technology

Flatbed automatic punching presses, flatbed cylinder punching presses, electro-pneumatic lift punching press

  • 2 flatbed automatic punching presses (maximum punching surface 1200 mm x 800 mm)
  • 2 flatbed cylinder punching presses (maximum punching surface 240 mm x 270 mm)
  • 1 electro-pneumatic lift punching press (maximum punching surface 500 mm x 300 mm)

Flatbed automatic punching press

Flatbed automatic punching press

Flatbed cylinder puncher press

Punching tools

Milled cutting plate

Eroded complete punching tool

Band steel cut (for clarification, here with partially removed cutting rubber)