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Alternative: Silk Screen Printing

Classic silkscreen printing for high print runs and extreme durability


Digital Printing: Technology & Machines

J. Schwarz employs the latest generation of digital large format printing technology. Depending on the material used, the adjusted colour profiles always ensure optimal colour accuracy for all suituable kinds of papers and types of films.

Furthermore, we always keep a wide range of materials in stock so that the speed advantages of the digital print can be fully exploited.

Digital Printing: facts

  • 8-colour print with water-based pigment inks
  • 6-colour print with latex colours
  • Guaranteed outdoor durability of 3 years (unlaminated) to 5 years (laminated)
  • Print format up to 1.52 m wide and 11 m long
  • Print speed up to 24 m2 per hour
  • Automatic colour calibration with integrated spectrophotometer